Pigeon Food & Supplies

Cook’s Farm Shop has a comprehensive product range to meet the needs of pigeon enthusiasts, pigeon fanciers and breeders. The majority of our product lines are always in stock and are available for immediate collection. If you have very specific requirements, please contact us so we can check availability with our regular suppliers.

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Pigeon Corn and Mixes

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We specialize in the supply of pigeon corn for the following classes of bird:

  • Racing pigeons
  • Show pigeons, including breeding birds

At Cook’s, we understand that the nutritional balance and quality of racing pigeon corn plays an essential role in getting the birds to peak condition for long distance flights. We are therefore pleased to offer high quality pigeon corn, pigeon feed mixes and blends from the leading manufacturers:

We have our own Straights & Mixes – for example:

Our own grown Tic beans (as pictured below) and our Own Mixes  – Priordykes No1 (pictured below) & Priordykes No Barley. These are  popular products at very affordable prices

Tic beans IMG_0804

Homegrown Tic Beans

Own mix Priordykes No1

Own mix Priordykes No1

Own mix Priordykes No1

Own mix Priordykes No1


We stock the Natural range of pigeon foods from the Descheemaeker Bros.


Versele-Laga have taken a scientific approach to creating bird food products for over 40 years and use only the highest quality ingredients. Their products are available in more than 60 countries worldwide.


Bucktons is another long-established brand name and have become of the UK market-leaders over the last 200 years. Most of the Buckton products are supplied in 20kg plastic sacks. Their innovative packaging displays clear symbols to denote the specific purpose of the feed, with a transparent window to show the actual product.


Vanrobaeys logo



Vanrobaeys have been making quality pigeon mixtures since 1965 and their products are the most recent additions to the Cook’s in-stock range.

All these manufacturers have a range of nutritionally balanced products formulated to meet the energy and protein needs of pigeons over the following seasons:

Breeding February to May
Racing April to September
Resting Sept to October
Moulting November to January


General advice on pigeon feeding:

  • Offer fresh food daily
  • Change drinking water twice a day
  • Keep the pigeon loft well ventilated
  • Keep all foods in a cool, dry storage area that is free from insect pests and vermin

Feed Straights

Cook’s Farm Shop also stocks a wide range of high quality bird food straights to assist with the fine tuning of your birds’ diet.

Pigeon Food Supplements and Supplies

Cook’s sell a range of pigeon feed accessories to help maintain good overall health, particularly beak condition and gizzard health.

  • Crumbling blocks
  • Mineral blocks
  • Pickstones
  • Sterilized grit and sand
  • Egg Foods
  • Cuttlefish (whole)
  • Millet Sprays

We also have other non-food pigeon accessories listed on our Cage & Aviary Supplies page.