Pigeon Food & Supplies

Pigeon food and supplies

Cook's Farm Shop & Country Supplies offers quality food and supplies for pigeons. Stop by our store in Newtown Linford near Leicester to take a look at our great range of products. 

Corn and mixes for pigeons

Our comprehensive range of pigeon supplies have been handpicked by us to keep your racing, show and breeding birds healthy. We know how important the quality of corn is to get your racing pigeons in peak condition for long distance flights and that’s why we supply pigeon food from leading manufacturers. We also sell our own range of straights and mixes such as tic beans, Priordykes No. 1 (Barley free) that has been grown on our farm using ethical farming methods.  CLICK HERE FOR PIGEON FEEDS AND PRICES!
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Pigeon food

Pigeon food from leading manufacturers:

Food supplements

Food supplements for your pigeons’ health and growth

Do you want to buy feed accessories to help maintain the overall health of your flock of pigeons? We supply crumbling blocks, pick stones, sterilised grit, cuttlefish and other food supplements to improve the beak and gizzard health of your pigeons.

In addition to food and health supplements, we also sell supplies for caged birds and other aviary supplies. We ensure the majority of our products are always in stock for immediate collection. Contact us to find out if the pigeon supplies you are looking for are available. 

We offer pigeon food for breeders and bird enthusiasts in Leicester and the surrounding areas. Visit Cook's Farm Shop & Country Supplies in Newtown Linford today.
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