Wild Bird Food & Prices

Wild bird food and supplies

If you’re a bird enthusiast and love to feed wild birds, we supply a range of wild bird food suitable for all types of British garden species - SCROLL DOWN FOR DETAILS and PRICES
(please Note: We reserve the right to amend the prices without prior notice)

Make your garden a paradise for wild birds

Our passion for animals and birds drives us to source the best wild bird feeds and supplies. At Cook's Farm Shop & Country Supplies, we stock nutritious seeds and other food supplements for all species of wild birds. In addition to supplying feed from trusted manufacturers, we also sell our own range of straights and mixes. With a beautiful and durable feeder, you’ll be able to feed the wild birds that visit your garden all year round. 
Country supplies
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We offer a wide range of bird feeds including:

  • Robin and songbird mix with insects
  • Natures feast
  • Peanuts and sunflower hearts
  • Suet pellets with insects, berries and mealworms
  • Suet blocks with added treats
  • Energy balls
  • Dried mealworms 
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Feeders and accessories.

We also supply feeders, feeder hangers, posts and brackets for your garden as well as suet products and holders.
Stop by our store to take a look at our range of wild bird feeders and other products. Based in Newtown Linford, we supply a wide range of farm and country supplies for customers in the Leicester area. Contact us for more information on our range of products.

Wild Bird Mixes & Seed Prices

Cooks Own Wild Bird                     20kg              £11.95
Superior Wild Bird                          20kg              £18.95
High Energy Blend - (No Mess & No Gro)
                                                  12.75kg              £21.95
Spring & Summer Mix               12.75kg              £14.95
Robin & Songbird with insects  12.75kg              £20.75
Natures Feast high energy supreme 12.75kg     £15.95
Nyger Seed                                 12.5kg              £21.95
Nyger Seed                                    20kg              £29.95
Peanuts                                     12.75kg              £22.00
Peanuts                                          20kg              £31.95
Peanuts                                          25kg              £37.50
Peanut Granules                        12.75kg             £23.95
Peanut Granules                             25kg             £39.00
Sunflower Hearts                             18kg            £23.95
Sunflower Hearts                          or 2 bags for   £42.00
Striped Sunflower                            10kg             £  9.95
Striped Sunflower                          or 3 bags for   £25.00
Black Sunflower                          12.75kg             £12.95
Wild Finch Mix                             12.75kg            £13.95
Suet Pellets - with insects                 10kg           £25.99
Suet Pellets - with berries                 10kg           £25.99
Meal Worms                                      200g          £  3.55
Meal Worms                                        1kg           £14.99
Energy Balls - small                    single            25p each                                                       pack of 11     £  2.00
                                                    Box of 40      £  5.00
                                                    Box of 150    £14.95    
Energy Balls - large                     single            99p each
                                                     pack of 3      £  2.50                

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