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Do you fancy pets with a difference? Do you want to have your own supply of fresh eggs?  At Cook's Farm Shop & Country Supplies, you will find all the supplies and equipment you need for effective poultry keeping.

Poultry keeping supplies

If you keep chickens, on a large scale or as a hobby, we are a one-stop shop for your poultry keeping requirements. From layers pellets to bedding, all the products that we source and sell are of the highest quality to ensure your birds are healthy. Our supplies include a diverse range of essential items available at affordable prices. Our friendly team will be happy to take you through our range of products so you can choose the best supplies to meet your requirements. 
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Poultry keeping
Of all the forms of Livestock, Poultry are the easiest to keep.
The keeping of Poultry is very rewarding with fresh eggs produced daily. It can also be very educational for young families to show where our eggs come from and how they are produced.
Chickens are fascinating & entertaining to watch which makes them great fun to have in the garden.
The Varieties of Point of Lay Pullets we sell are a hybrid hen & lay approximately 270 – 300 eggs in the first year, but then fewer but larger eggs in subsequent years.

They require:
• They require constant access to fresh clean water, ideally a plastic fountain drinker so cider vinegar can be added to aid a healthy gut.
• Food – Did you know that it is illegal to feed kitchen scraps to poultry, however, greens fed straight from the vegetable garden make a healthy treat.
• at. For the best production of eggs, they will need a Layers Meal or Pellets and some type of feeder to put it in to keep it dry and off the floor keeping it clean and fresh. An afternoon scratch food can also be fed to occupy the birds such as Wheat, Mixed Corn or our own Scratching Mix which can be scattered in their run or house. Grit is also essential to maintain strong shells.
• A warm, dry, fox proof house/run with a house that can be shut up at night with perches for roosting and a nest box for them to lay their eggs in. On the floor of the house we recommend shavings, which we have a large selection to choose from. Ideally in nestboxes we recommend shavings or straw (Not hay due to moulds). 
• It is recommended that the poultry are wormed two or three times a year, particularly if they are kept on the same patch of ground all year round. We are licensed to prescribe & sell poultry wormer (Active ingredient Flubendazole)
• When you first get your chickens home, keep them shut in the house for several days so that they become familiar with the house making sure they will return there at night for roosting. 


Day-to-day poultry supplies

We are a family-run business with over 30 years of experience in farming and animal husbandry and take great pride in supplying quality chicken keeping equipment. If you don't find the product you are looking for at our store, we'll be happy to order it for you. Visit us today to buy quality poultry bedding and equipment.    

To buy poultry keeping supplies including layers pellets in Leicester, visit Cook's Farm Shop & Country Supplies in Newtown Linford.
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